Integrate WhatsApp to Engage Globally

Preferred Communication Channel — Over 2 Billion Users Worldwide

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Why support over Whatsapp?

Support Genie's customer support tool integration for Whatsapp, offers engaging with customers on a global scale, on a platform they're already on. It brings live chat directly to the consumer, so they don't have to go to your site.
  • Enables customers to reach out instantly.
  • Customers can engage whenever they need.
  • Fully secure conversation with end-to-end encryption.
  • Allows the exchange of multimedia messages.
  • Automate conversations in Real-Time
  • Software scales as your team grows
  • No hardware or installation required

Support Genie WhatsApp Features

  • Support for Your WhatsApp Number
  • Integrated Chatbot to Automate Issues with A.I.
  • Automatic Issue Assignment
  • Smart Ticketing System
  • Support for Multiple Agents
  • Rich Analytics
  • Smart Notifications
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Why your team will fall in love with Support Genie?

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Live Chat
Real time chat multimedia communication over web or mobile apps.
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SMS Chat and Bots with support for phone numbers from over 30 countries.
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Visual Assistance & Live Video
Help resolve customer issue visually, quickly & easily.
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Chat Bots
Be there for your customers 24/7. AI conversational chat bots with latest enhancements in Natural Language Understanding.
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A secure way to communicate & built trust among customers.
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Facebook Messenger
Live Chat and Bots for Facebook Messenger, one of the most uncluttered social media platform to help resolve customer queries.
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Ticketing System
Better manage customer issues with a Ticketing System built for Omni Channel Communication.
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Auto Assignment of Tickets
Automatic assignment of tickets through advanced algorithms.
Helps to monitor, increase efficiency and achieve new insights.

Improve your team's communication and productivity

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