Automate Your Customer Support with AI

Your Customer is at the Center of Everything You Do

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Augmented Reality Technologies

AR offers new opportunities to interact with your customers via smart devices.
Visual guides instantly detail instructions on performing DIY installations or maintenance.

AR solve any complex problem quickly and without external assistance or without needing to consult a multiple-page paper manual.

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Communication  channels

Interact with customers on the communication channels they already use

  • Augmented reality integration.
  • Live chat for instant communication.
  • AI chatbot supports iOS/Android apps.
  • WhatsApp.
  • SMS with phone numbers from over 50 countries.
  • Visual assistance with enhanced live video.
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Level Up Your Support Team with AI Chatbots

Incorporate the latest advances in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Artificial Intelligence to provide you with a chatbot that can automatically answer customers queries.

The more the data it gets, the smarter the chatbot becomes.

Discover the magic of scaling your customer service with AI to grow with your company.

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visual assistance tools

Resolve Issues in Real-time
with Visual Assistance

Engage with audio, text and visual aids in real time to facilitate customer issues with ease.

Mobile apps can securely bridge communication with a live video stream so that support agents can properly visualize and diagnose your customer's issues.


Support Genie Insights

Why your team will fall in love with Support Genie?

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Live Chat
Real time chat multimedia communication over web or mobile apps.
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SMS Chat and Bots with support for phone numbers from over 30 countries.
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Visual Assistance & Live Video
Help resolve customer issue visually, quickly & easily.
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Chat Bots
Be there for your customers 24/7. AI conversational chat bots with latest enhancements in Natural Language Understanding.
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A secure way to communicate & built trust among customers.
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Facebook Messenger
Live Chat and Bots for Facebook Messenger, one of the most uncluttered social media platform to help resolve customer queries.
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Ticketing System
Better manage customer issues with a Ticketing System built for Omni Channel Communication.
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Auto Assignment of Tickets
Automatic assignment of tickets through advanced algorithms.
Helps to monitor, increase efficiency and achieve new insights.

Improve your team's communication and productivity by 2X

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