AR Genie Remote Assistance

With the help of Augmented Reality,
AR Genie's remote support system
makes it simple, quick, and secure
to locate issues and find solutions
from any location in the world.




First Time Fix
Rate/Reduced Repeat Rate


Saves time and effort


Extended Expert Reach


Enhances customer satisfaction

Augmented Reality Technical And Remote Visual Support

AR Genie is a technical and remote visual support solution that provides simple, quick, and secure AR Services for visual assistance such as Annotation Tools and combining chat with live video, audio, and file sharing to identify and solve problems for your customers remotely.

Field Service Technician

Engineers can use AR Genie to provide
their expertise to customers without paying for
the expenses and inconvenience of travel.

Customer service

Technical support agents will be able to
see what the customer is seeing firsthand, allowing
them to resolve issues quickly and easily.

Training and Support

Create work instructions using AR Genie without
any prior knowledge, coding, or scripting.
AR customer experience

Features of Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

Anywhere you identify and solve your customer's problems
  • Draw, highlight, text, arrow, and circle over real-world objects with 3D Annotation Tools.
  • Information Sharing in Real Time
  • Remote Support
  • Combine live video, audio and file sharing with chat
  • Solve problems more quickly
  • Raising Customer Satisfaction
  • File Sharing
  • Supported on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Better customer service is the key

By offering better real-time assistance from anywhere in the world, AR for customer support raises the percentage of first-time resolutions.

59% faster

Resolved problems without the
interference of field service.

65% increase

Majority of incidents are resolved
within one business day.

75% less

It saves money and cuts travel time

Why your team will fall in love with Support Genie?

AR Genie Icon
AR Genie Remote Assistance
Augmented Reality remote support to fix issues immediately.
AR Manual
AR Manual
AR-powered, enhanced and interactive guides with virtual instructions.
AR Self-Service
AR Self-Services
AR-enabled, automated self-doing guidance.
visual assistance icon
Live Visual Assistance
Resolve customer issue visually, quickly & easily.
Object Detection Icon
Object Detection
Computer vision technology can find, locate, and track the object.
Ticketing System Icon
Ticketing System
Integrate all communications channels into one platform.
SDK Icon
Adapts to your existing platform lets you stay ahead of the curve.
Auot assisgnment icon
Auto Assignment of Tickets
Organize support tickets to scale your customer support process.
Monitor, increase efficiency and achieve new insights.

Contemporary business difficulties require
contemporary AR remote assistance solutions.

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