SupportGenie Integration Suite

Better Together – Integrate SupportGenie With Your Favorite Business Applications
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Instantly add remote access and remote control capabilities to any application with the SupportGenie Integration Suite

In comes the SupportGenie Integration Suite, that enables IT and support organizations to simplify processes and integrated applications to help customers and employees faster.

  • Documented and implemented quickly for remote, hybrid-remote, or on-site work environments
  • Optimized with automation and integrated across systems for efficiency at enterprise scale
  • Secure and easy for administrators and end users
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Create Customized Enterprise

Leverage the entire TeamViewer integration framework of prebuilt plugins, APIs, and SDKs to embed SupportGenie remote access and remote control functionality into your applications, in-house proprietary systems, and customer mobile apps for unlimited use cases.
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Improve Issue Resolution Time

Empower service desk and customer support organizations to resolve issues faster and streamline service processes to increase efficiency by integrating SupportGenie remote access and remote control capabilities directly into ITSM and CRM platforms.
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Reduce Costs

Enable support organizations to reduce costs by integrating seamless remote access and support into their platforms, eliminating the need to switch between applications and
allowing them to continuously improve processes
based on support performance insights.



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