Resolve issues with
AR self service

Empower your customers to do
diagnostics, installations, and repair.

Enhanced customer

Enhanced customer
experience with AR

  • Augment your response to customer issues beyond the screen remotely.
  • Add 3D markers and tags to the real world to show customers what you are referencing.
  • Real-time support keeps your customers engaged and happy without needing to wait for a service agent.
  • Support team can respond instantly to fix breakdowns and issues remotely.
  • Companies get the advantage of AR experiences to drive customer engagement.

Enabling your customers
with AR self service

  • Turn many preliminary support processes into self service tasks.
  • Deploy a product knowledge base to help your customers understand and resolve issues on their own.
  • Knowledge base consists of virtual designs and tutorials, to visualize a product in the real world.
  • Eliminate long-winded telephonic and email communications.
  • Resolves issues without dispatching at-home service and reduce product returns.
SMS/MMS features
Support Genie uses augmented reality to help your customers understand product features and even make DIY repairs.

Deploy AR for a robust customer experience

  • Capabilities to interact in 3D with customers.
  • Native ARKit and ARCore architectures for iPhone and Android devices.
  • Backend support to add live video and chat capabilities.
  • AR-powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • WebAR can be deployed on a product app or on the web.

Why your team will fall in love with Support Genie?

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Live Chat
Multimedia communication over web or a mobile app.
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SMS with support for phone numbers from around the world.
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Live Visual Assistance
Resolve customer issue visually, quickly & easily.
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AI conversational chatbot that never sleeps.
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A secure way to communicate & built trust among customers.
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Facebook Messenger
Integrate social media channels to help resolve customer queries.
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Ticketing System
Integrate all communications channels into one platform.
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Auto Assignment of Tickets
Organize support tickets to scale your customer support process.
Monitor, increase efficiency and achieve new insights.

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