Augmented Reality built for hardware support

Self-guidance for basic installation, DIY maintenance
or product onboarding.

AR Product

AR product manuals enhances your customer support

Product manuals and interactive guides with step-by-step instructions, sent to your customer's phone.
  • AR solves complex issues quickly, without external assistance.
  • Eliminate the need for a multi-page paper product manual to locate relevant information.
  • Overlay animations into their world to simulate & simplify the process.
  • Tutorials on DIY maintenance without training or technical expertise.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment by not printing anything that is frequently thrown away.
  • Visual operational guides offer guidance prior to product installation.

AR adds another dimension to your customer experience

  • Ensures precise and easy-to-follow guides by replacing printed manuals.
  • Designed with interactive visuals, 3D models and reduce many complexities.
  • User guides, maintenance, unboxing devices, or problem-solving.
  • Easily accessible on mobile apps or on the web.
  • Easier to understand product support with a visually immersive experience.
  • Save time on searching technical documents and offers a quick overview.
  • Give your customer an overview of their new product functionalities.
  • 365/24/7 accessibility.
  • Reduce maintenance time and improve results.
AR customer experience

AR manual features

  • Customer access to hardware manuals on any platform at anytime.
  • AI machine vision and deep learning technology is designed to identify product brands & models.
  • Pair object recognition with your product app or cloud-based environment for an intuitive support solution.
  • Interactive manuals are designed in 3D to bypass the language barrier and reduce support related complications.
  • Enhance critical areas on your devices with 2D & 3D visual guides ― the biggest advantage for customer support.

Why your team will fall in love with SupportGenie?

AR Genie Icon
AR Genie Remote Assistance
Resolve customer support issues with Augmented Reality.
AR Manual icon
AR Manual
Instructional guides reproduced in Augmented Reality.
AR self Service
AR Self-Service
Automated self-guided instructions with Augmented Reality.
AR Genie Peer to Peer
Connect- Identify- Assist- Resolve remote problems visually.
visual assistance icon
Live Visual Assistance
Resolve customer issue visually, quickly & easily.
Object Detection icon
Object Detection
AI computer vision to find, locate, and track physical objects.
ticketing system
Ticketing System
All customer interactions organized into one platform.
SDK icon
Adapts to your existing platform lets you stay ahead of the curve.
auto assignment
Auto Assignment of Tickets
Automated prioritizing of customer support tickets.

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