Next-Gen AR Genie
Object Detection/ Image Recognition

Integrate cutting-edge AI computer vision, object
detection to automate lengthy processes, improves industrial
safety, and aids in the detection of numerous objects and manufacturing flaws.
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3D Object Detection Made Simple

Implement object detection technologies such as photo labeling, object recognition, face detection, optical character identification, and many more, you can empower your workforce while improving the user experience, cutting costs, and boosting security.

AR Genie makes it simple to create AR-based object detection by simply uploading a 3D image, with no coding or technological expertise required.

AR Genie features of Object Detection

3D object recognition provides more accurate information and helps us better understand and analyze the object to create
AR manuals for instructions, inspection, troubleshooting, and installation. A user can quickly obtain all of the information by scanning the object with their smartphone.

Object Detection

Every object class has distinctive qualities
that aid in classification. These special
features are used by object detection
to gather precise and practical
data for your company.

Object Recognition

Computer vision is a technology that identifies
objects in images or videos based on their
distinctive features to collect and track data
for better business strategy and

Object Classification

To improve data comprehension and expedite data
processing, objects are organized into common
categories based on unique characteristics.
and track data for better business strategy and decision-making.

Object tracking

Automatically identify moving
objects in real-time with high
accuracy to easily get
valuable insights.

Object Annotations

Images can be annotated to help computer vision
recognize and interpret objects correctly, which
can help automate the recognition
of certain objects in a picture.


Enables automatic file synchronization
between the online platform and the app.

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