We're on a Mission

It's time for customer service to catch up to the 21st century. Strengthen your relationships with your clients while increasing revenue for your business. Support Genie is the omni-channel customer support solution built with visual assistance and AI.

The Support Genie Story

Over the past twenty years, the world has seen major changes in the way we communicate. Today, new technologies are influencing consumer behavior and their preferences.

Customers demand an easier, more effective and quicker response to their issues with consumer technology. Yet, many companies are not providing an updated support solution to their complex issues. The misconception that e-mail or phone-based solutions are still relevant is far from truth. The complexities of new technology require more resources because many issues are often visual in nature.

We recognized this limiting factor and built a platform that brings customer service departments into the 21st century.

A powerful platform was designed to meet the demands of today’s end user by streamlining common communication channels and advancements in artificial intelligence technology.

Customer support teams have the ability to quickly engage with video chat, live chat, email, text, and more, routed through an efficient ticketing system and accessible from a beautiful user interface. With AI chatbot technology, pair with support teams to deliver an immediate response to de-escalate quicker, improve retention and increase customer satisfaction.

Our clients love us. We love them more.

"Support Genie helped improve our customer service satisfaction by 70% over the last 8 months. Couldn't be more satisfied!"

Arun Mehta, CEO
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