AR Genie Peer-to-Peer Remote Assistance

AR Genie facilitates peer-to-peer troubleshooting by allowing a professional
to connect using a smartphone to assist someone else at any time, anywhere.
Peer to Peer AR

Features of AR Genie Peer-to-Peer Remote Assistance

  • Connect right away using a smartphone.
  • Easy to use visual guidance through 3D annotations, drawings, highlights, text, arrows, and circles over real-world objects.
  • Personalized and secure interaction in real-time.
  • Quickly training and assisting employees.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction.
  • Support iOS and Android mobile devices.
AR features


AR Genie's peer-to-peer connectivity app, powered by Augmented Reality, allows anyone to connect for remote visual assistance using their smartphone. AR Genie remote visual assistance allows people to interact and resolve problems in real time. Allowing them to annotate on live video and combining chat with live video, audio, and file sharing facilitates the identification and resolution of issues.


AR Genie helps you connect with an expert to help you solve the problem you might be facing.


You can talk to the technician and add text or shapes to pinpoint the problem if needed so that the technician can identify the issue.


After identifying the problem the technician can assist you with annotations about what you are required to do to solve the issue.


That's how AR Genie makes it convenient to solve problems and also helps reduce the time by virtual assistance help.

AR Genie Peer-to-Peer app

Using the mobile-to-mobile AR Genie app, experts can connect with other users to provide quick, easy, and secure visual assistance through a smartphone.
And can also remotely diagnose and help fix issues through annotations by combining chat with live video, audio, and file sharing.
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Field Service

Engineers can remotely assist customers in resolving issues using the AR Genie remote assistance app without incurring travel costs saving time and money.
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Customer Service

Agents providing technical support do not require pricey laptops or desktops. A smartphone can help solve problems quickly and easily with the AR Genie peer-to-peer app.
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Training and Support

No prior experience is necessary to use the peer-to-peer AR Genie app. Anyone can use the AR Genie app for training and guidance.

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