Automation — the Technology That Can Help Your Startup Save Money in 2021

From streamlining the responsibilities to eliminating the need for additional support, automation provides you a platform to gear up for the big market.

January 9, 2021
GrowthAutomation — the Technology That Can Help Your Startup Save Money in 2021

If ever there was a better time to automate your business. We'll tell you—It's RIGHT NOW. Everyone talks about the growing technology and changing trends. However, the concept of a massive audience remains oblivious to the common eye. Stress your view a little, and you'll locate people associated with your business in one way or the other.

When a possibility for such a large-scale engagement looms, embracing the conventional measures becomes a crime. Simply put, you cannot cater to the needs of your massive consumer base without industrial automation.

And even if you can, why would you resort to the traditional methods when automation can help your startup save money in 2021.

Why would startups want to automate?

When a vast potential customer base lies external to the organization, there's hardly any workforce to cater to it. That's the problem of every startup across the world. It's challenging to scale when you are at a loss of resources.

But you're never at a loss of innovation, and that's where automation knocks at your door. From streamlining the responsibilities to eliminating the need for additional support, automation provides you a platform to gear up for the big market.

In concrete terms, it—

Saves your valuable time

Amid the ever-increasing competition, time is your best friend and the worst enemy. When you automate the processes at your company, you have time to look after the things that are important but usually remain shadowed.

For instance, if you are commencing Facebook marketing, you can use Facebook automation tools to schedule your posts. This way, you get more time to develop more content or do anything that's on your priority list.

Standardizes the procedure of operation

A possible explanation for this can be recognized from regulation within the customer support industry. With so many people contacting the customer service at once, it is challenging for the workforce to prioritize the issues.

Likewise, for any industry, administering the operations can be a tough ask when there's so much to look after. Thus, resorting to Chabot help desk automation, for example, can assist in attaching the communication strings.

The automation methods and strategies are numerous; you just need to find an appropriate fit for your requirements.

Exponentially increase your potential

When you no longer require considerable investments to grow, and when your limited workforce can work without any pressure, what change can you expect? Quite fairly, a business with its potential increased to the extent where confronting the pressing matters becomes comfortable.


Well, you can be on your way to expanding your business. Possibly take it abroad. Or, you can be re-allocating your funds to your perceived priorities.

It is noteworthy that with the best automation tools at your disposal, you can be on your way to becoming one of the market elites.

Predicts the patterns for improvement

Automation, more or less, is a product of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and even Natural Language Processing. Software powered with these technologies is capable of recognizing the trends on social media, patterns of consumer behavior on various platforms, and the manner of interaction.

In other words, automation helps you in garnering insights about your target environment and where you stand in leveraging it. That way, you can work on your shortcomings and pave ways for improvements.

How can automation help you save money in 2021?

If I say that automation can save your startup thousands of dollars, you wouldn't believe me. That's alright, but you would change your mind after recognizing the mathematics behind my claim.

Let's say that the average salary of an employee working at your company is $40,000 a year. So, that accounts for roughly $20 per hour, considering that you have an 8-hour working day.

You have been looking for ways to save money in 2021, and you deploy an automated chatbot for your organization’s website.

Employees find out that they save 1.5 hours a day courtesy of the fact that chatbot initiates and streamlines the conversation every single time.

Because employees soon get over with the communication work, you assign them tasks that you usually don't.

In that light, an employee saves you $30 per day, therefore saving your company over $10,000 per year.

Even if you have around 30 employees, your earning increases by roughly $300,000 per year.

That makes the saving through automation almost equivalent to the money you usually earn per year.

The reliance on automation has further strengthened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because this isn't going to end any sooner, it is viable that you choose for your options in the automation industry.

Is automation a substitute for the human workforce?

This is a debatable question, for it depends on the type of work you do. If you're more into manufacturing stuff, reduction of the human workforce might seem plausible. However, the operations within the Information Technology sector might require a human touch for enhanced personalization.

For this reason, it is recommended that you don't replace the human workforce with automation. Instead, you should use technology to optimize your performance and make the employees more productive than ever.

For instance, automation tools can

—schedule the events
—streamline the workflow
—tag the important messages
—solve complex issues
—provide comprehensive insights
—predict patterns and consumer trends
—analyze consumer behavior, etc.

All these operations can make it easier for an individual to thoroughly understand the interests of the consumer and view the bigger picture.

This bigger picture can further strengthen a company's approach to tackle complex problems and pave the way for innovation.

Regardless of the scale of its employment, automation is the solution for the future. It's alright if you are not impressed with the technology; however, there's no harm in giving it a try.

People who have been in this industry for long know why shifting to automation has been one of the best decisions they have taken with regard to the progression of their business.

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