5 Ways in Which Small Businesses Can Benefit From the New-Age Help Desk Services

AI has the capability to significant empower customer service and its adoption at the help desk front makes for a super-efficient customer support.

February 21, 2021
Team5 Ways in Which Small Businesses Can Benefit From the New-Age Help Desk Services

According to a report by the Service Desk Institute, communication and role-specific working remain the top skills that service desk managers should have.

The importance given to these skills points towards a single and the most crucial aspect of customer support — Customer Satisfaction.

So, when we're talking about the facilitation of an excellent help desk service, we're concentrating on its ability to enhance the experience of the customers. 

And if in case you haven't been willing to develop a good service desk, you need to think twice. Would you risk letting your retained customers go?

For small businesses, regular front help desks should be stationed in-house. At the same time, an IT or customer help desk can function remotely or on an ad-hoc basis as per the business's requirements. 

What Is a Help Desk, and How Does It Work?

Traditionally, a help desk is a place where the customer support team caters to the customers' issues. In recent times, however, the idea of a help desk as a regular space has taken a U-turn thanks to technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence, in particular. 

Here's how it works:

—A live chat, email address or an in-person front help desk can support maintaining visitors lists & directing people correctly.

—A customer help desk is supposed to attend to queries from your customers, pass on information about products, processes and different services. 

—Simultaneously, an IT help desk can troubleshoot IT-related issues and facilitate solutions to common problems.

With the advent of AI and machine learning, helpdesk solutions are faster and more accurate than ever before.

Gartner projects that by the end of 2021, about 15% of the customer support interactions would be entirely handled by artificially intelligent software. 

Benefits of the New-Age Help Desk Services

Improved Customer Relationship

With AI at their heart, customer relationships would improve massively. Improved customer satisfaction comes from the improved resolution of their doubts and problems. To that end, it must be noted that AI-bots (for example: AI-powered chatbots)have already gained precision in dealing with humans.

Better Problem Resolution Timing

The best part of consolidating AI with help desk services is the ability to swiftly address higher volumes of more straight forward queries. This step saves much of the service desk personnel's time, thus, allowing timely resolution of more sophisticated issues.

Fixed Pricing and Lower Cost

Small businesses run on a budget, for they have to adhere to a certain scaling strategy. In challenging scenarios, cutting the cost by elimination specific sections of the business seems a viable option. Regrettably, help desks often find themselves on the wrong end of the exclusion process even though their absence can, without a doubt, ruin the business. 

But in 2021, there's no need to cut down on expenses and place the blame of burden on the help desk — thanks to AI solutions, which not only cut the operational costs but also streamline the processes at fixed prices.  

Technical Superiority

With chatbots at your disposal, you no longer have to address redundant queries. These software solutions can work on their own as competent virtual agents. Meanwhile, human agents can work through more sophisticated issues, which require creativity and innovation. All in all, this technical classification of work leads to the evolution of the company's ability to resolve issues.

Revenue Growth

"Revenue Growth" is a wonderful phrase, but it's subjective. It's subjective in the sense that growth has a causal relationship with the number of purchases, which obviously requires more customers (including retainers).

Since AI solutions instantly cater to the issues, they tend to increase customer satisfaction. This, in turn, builds trust and allows for higher conversions. 

Besides, the fact that these solutions can be employed at affordable costs further increases the profit margin and, subsequently, the annual revenue for the company.


There's no denying that help desk services work as a company's spine. Planning to run a company without them is an error you would not want to commit, at least if a continuous bloom is your vision.

In case you don't have the bandwidth for a manual team, intelligent bots always have your back. It's 2021, after all. 

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