Automate your customer
support with AR

Everything you do revolves
around your customer.

New technologies open up
newer opportunities for support

Augmented Reality, reduces the average handle time for support
tickets with visual tutorials for DIY installation or device maintenance.

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AR Genie

AR Genie Remote Assistance

  • Remotely assist your workforce with faster solutions and avoid downtime.
  • View the live, high-definition video stream of your far-off  client's smartphone to instruct them from your workplace.
  • With AR annotations, you and your clients can augment the live camera feed with additional virtual information. Other annotation tools are available for writing and drawing on screens.
  • AR assists in overcoming geographic boundaries and can evaluate the problems without travelling, saving money and time.
  • Improve your remote assistance by interacting with your customer via voice and text chat.
  • Quick remote assistance with AR support enables non-experts to self-serve and independently fix problems.
  • In AR annotations, precise and detailed instructions will aid in error-free support and maintenance.
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Level up your support
team with AR Genie

AR is the best solution for businesses looking to automate product support and maximize growth. By incorporating computer vision and object recognition, the information about the user's surroundings in the real world becomes interactive and digitally rich.

Support team
visual assistance tools

Better customer support with an extra set of eyes

Facilitate customer issues in real time with a mobile app that can securely bridge communication with a live video so that support agents can properly diagnose your customer's needs.


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