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Your Customer is at the Center of Everything You Do

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Augmented Reality Support

Augmented reality offers new opportunities that allow your customers to orientate and highlight key features of your products or perform DIY installation or maintenance.

Customers receive guidance on operating your product before installation with augmented reality on their smart phone or tablet.

Resolve issues quickly without external assistance or without referencing a multiple-page paper manual.

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Communication  channels

Interact on Channels your Customers Already Use

  • Augmented Reality product .
  • Live chat for instant communication.
  • AI chatbot supports iOS/Android apps.
  • Meta: Messenger & WhatsApp implementation.
  • SMS with phone numbers from over 50 countries.
  • Visual Assistance with enhanced live video.
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Level Up Your Support Team with AI Chatbots

Use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Artificial Intelligence to provide you with a chatbot that will answer customers queries.

The more the data it receives gets, the smarter the chatbot becomes, and makes it easier to scale your customer support team.

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visual assistance tools

Resolve Issues in Real-time with Visual Assistance

Engage with audio, text and visual aids in to facilitate customer issues with ease.

Mobile apps can securely bridge communication with a live video stream so that support specialists can properly visualize and diagnose hardware issues.


Resolve Issues. Quicker.

Support Genie is the tool of choice for hardware and consumer electronics.

Automate hardware support and streamline customer communication.

Affordable AI solution to implement into your customer support process.
Optimize for customer satisfaction, higher brand engagement & revenue growth.

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Support Genie

startup package
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Features Includes:

  • Support team multimedia access portal

  • Smart chat widget with video & annotation features

  • Live chat with pictures or video with customers

  • Omnichannel ticketing system

  • Auto sorting on assigned issues

  • Dedicated account representative

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SG Advanced

Medium to large
reach monthly support benchmarks


  • Unlimited Access Logins

  • SDK Integration for native app

  • Mobile customer app

  • Whatsapp integration

  • Facebook integration

  • MMS/SMS integration

  • Automized Company FAQ with Chatbots

  • Visual Assistance/Live Video

  • Unlock augmented reality features

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